23 year old female – Dutch – Digital Scrapbook fan – In love – Still living at home – Digital Scrapbooker for only 1 year – Disney fan.

Favourite music: All things like pop and most R&B and party music. Fav. song at the moment is LMFAO – Rock Party Anthem.

Favourite Films: Fantasty things like Harry Potter, Narnia, and all thing Disney! Can watch those films over and over again. My favourite is definiatly Beauty and the beast and from the newer movies its Rapunzel!

Favourite Books: Twilight and reading The Hunger Games at the moment. Its great! Can’t wait till the movies come out.

Favourite Foods: Italian for sure! Pasta is like heaven. Can eat it everday and sometimes i do eat it everyday 🙂

The credits for the header: I made it with Technogirl from the lovely Pixel Gypsy. You can find her designs over here:  http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/Pixel-Gypsy/

3 Responses to About

  1. Sarah says:

    Samantha, wat grappig! Denk dat jou favorieten (pasta! hemels!!!! zou ik ook elke dag kunnen eten, Narnia… zalige films en boeken! En natuurlijk Beauty & the beast) ook helemaal mijn favorieten zijn! 🙂
    Heel herkenbaar dus.


  2. bysemantje says:

    Grappig 🙂 En het scrappen niet te vergeten !

  3. Sarah says:

    Oja, inderdaad! Was ik inderdaad vergeten -oops-
    En nu ook het designen natuurlijk!

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