My first freebies.

Hi  everybody!

First i wanted to say big thanks for those who took the effort for downloading our blogtrain. I truly gives me a warm feeling inside to know that people like my desings! So i have to admit that these were not my first desings. When i first started scrapbooking i had to see for myself if i could make my own elements. There not really that great but i wanted to show you anyway. Maybe somebody find any use for them. They are all Disney themed because that is the first thing i scrapped in my life, my trip to disney!

My first ‘made by me’ things ever. Some simple Disneyland Paris glitter logo’s. Fancied up with stars 🙂

Next up are some of the Hotel Logo’s from Disneyland Paris. I needed the Sequoia Lodge one but couldn’t find the one with the right size so i made one myself.

Next stop was a mini kit for the trip to Disneyland. I still think the passport is nice!

An adjustable Mickey Clock to put some time in your lay outs 😉

And at last some simple Mickey shaped balloons.

Love, Samantha

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