My scrapbooking confessions.

Dear scrapbooking friends,

Thanks for finding my little place on the web! I proudly present you my contributions to the world of digital scrapbooking. I discovered it all about a year ago and felt in love with doing it. It’s such a creative hobby and you get lovely memories out of it. Never tried it? You are sure missing something!

Anyway a bit about me. I’m Dutch and a 23 years old female, besides scrapbooking i love to discover the world with my boyfriend (wich is still in europe untill now but fine anyway 🙂 ) We love to travel and discover new things that the world has to offer (scrapbook comes in handy for creating perfect photoalbums).

I love to shop, and i really mean love to shop. I don’t care on what. A trip to the supermarket is even fun for me 🙂  (you must think i’m crazy, right?)

Here in the Netherlands the scrapbooking thing isn’t really big, people just print some pictures and even don’t bother to put them in a album or anything. I just can’t get my satisfaction in that way. I think 90% of the people here even don’t know what scrapbooking is and they give me ‘that’ look if i tell them about it. They don’t get it untill they see it. I really can hear my father say, why are you paying for clip arts if you an find them on the web. He has no clue and think its nonesence lol.

I’m very happy that we build a very nice little Dutch and Belgium Scrapbooking club on the net full of lovely people with the same passion as me. We even are going to treat you on a nice blog train soon. I assure you that it’s fabulous. We have so many talented people on the forum its not even funny anymore, but you will see.. 🙂 Can’t wait to reveal this beauty. I’m so excited about it!

Enough chatting for now,

Will be posting very soon.

Love, Samantha.

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